B-11, Wazirpur (Group) Industrial Area,
Delhi - 110052, India

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The experienced and assertive team, at Naulakha Industries, is led by management that has a blend of strategic, operational and financial expertise. The management has relevant experience of an average of over 50 years and our leaders share extensive and long-established relationships with associates.

Mr. PAVAN KUMAR JAIN (Founder & Chairman)
Born in 1942, Mr. Pavan Kumar Jain is working for Naulakha Industries since 1957. Presently, he shoulders the responsibilities of  Chairman.. He is a man of ethics and commitment, possessing various qualities, like practical understanding of ground realities, creating & maintaining relationships on long-term basis, etc.

Is leading the strategic direction of Naulakha Industries. With his vibrant personality he drives the rays of optimism and success in whole company. He is not only an inspiration to the Naulakha Industries  team but to other entrepreneurs as well. He is a learned who has learnt from his experiences, make us learn and is a real Leader.

possesses a dynamic personality, his determined business sense is an asset. With his intellect and knowledge, he is acting as a catalyst in realization of organization's vision, goals and direction. His energy and problem handling ability is noteworthy.
� 80 TONS Injection Moulding Machine
� 50 TONS Injection Moulding Machine
� 40 TONS Injection Moulding Machine
� 5 LTR. Single Station Blow Moulding Machine
� 1 LTR. Double Station Blow Moulding Machine
� 500 ML Double Station Blow Moulding Machine
� 200 ML Double Station Blow Moulding Machine
� 3D Corona Treaters                                     
� Plastic Scrap Grinders                                 
� Hopper Driers                                            
� TrayDriers                                                 
� Cooling Towers                                          
� Lifting Hoist                                               
� D.G.SET                                                     
3 Nos.
2 Nos.
1 Nos.
1 Nos.
1 Nos.
1 Nos.
1 Nos.
2 Nos.
4 Nos.
4 Nos.
2 Nos.
2 Nos.
4 Nos.
1 Nos.
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