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Delhi - 110052, India

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We are a pioneer manufacturer and exporter of a wide range of medical components and equipments such as Nebulizer, Blood Presure Monitor, Steam Vaporiser, Bed Pan, Urine Pot, Kidney Trays, Specimen Container, Douche Can, Douche Tube, Syringe, Glycerine Syringe, Dispensing Cup Conical, Eye Wash Cup  etc. Our company aims to help patients lead healthier lives through two parallel objectives: delivering affordable and accessible medical components and equipments to all parts of the world; and discovering, developing and commercializing innovative products that satisfy unmet medical needs.
Naulakha Industries ever since its establishment has been based on the following values:

- We are dedicated to achieving the highest levels of quality in every thing we do to delight our customers.

Harmony and Social Responsibility
- We take utmost care to protect our natural environment and serve the communities in which we live and work.

Collaboration and Team Work
- We seek opportunities to build relationships and leverage knowledge, expertise and resources to create great value.