we have multi location manufacturing facilities with hub-center our Regd. Office at Delhi. Our all the units are well connected with our office at Delhi through telephones, faxes, e-mail etc. In the fast pace of commercial activities we have the modern communication channel to facilitate our customers, today we are working with our customers “on-line". For our esteemed customers we have launched our own web site.
     We are a pioneering manufacturer and exporter of a wide range of medical components and equipments such as Bed Pan, Urine Pot, Kidney Trays, Specimen Container, Douche Can, Douche Tube, Syringe, Glycerine Syringe, Dispensing Cup Conical, Eye Wash Cup, Vaporizer etc. Our company aims to help patients lead healthier lives through two parallel objectives: delivering affordable and accessible medical components and equipments to all parts of the world; and discovering, developing and commercializing innovative products that satisfy unmet medical needs.
Our technical resources and expertise ensure consistent quality of products and services that provide full value to the clients.
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Competitive Advantages
Naulakha Industries ever since its establishment has been based on the following values:

    Harmony and Social Responsibility- We take utmost care to protect our natural environment and serve the communities in which we live and work.
Our Values
    Excellent quality
    Hi-tech manufacturing facility
    Headed by a team of industry experts
    Vast experience
    Strategic location
    Affordable prices
    Timely delivery
A special Quality Management Division spearheads the concept of Total Quality Management, an integration of all functions with built-in quality. All our products are as per International norms and standards of quality. Our products are hypo-allergic.
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Product Range
» 180 TONS Injection Moulding Machine                         1 Nos.
» 80 TONS Injection Moulding Machine                           2 Nos.
» 40 TONS Injection Moulding Machine                           1 Nos.
» 1 LTR. Single Station Blow Moulding Machine                1 Nos.
» 500 ML Double Station Blow Moulding Machine              1 Nos.
» 200 ML Double Station Blow Moulding Machine              1 Nos.
» 3D Corona Treaters                                                 2 Nos.
» Plastic Scrap Grinders                                              4 Nos.
» Chiller                                                                   2 Nos.
» Hopper Driers                                                         4 Nos.
» TrayDriers                                                             2 Nos.
» Cooling Towers                                                       2 Nos.
» Lifting Hoist                                                           4 Nos.
» D.G.SET                                                                1 Nos.
We are equipped with the following latest plant & machinery and accessories: -